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Covid-19 Update - Pact Solar

23rd July 2020

To all Pact Services Group Employees, Customers, and Stakeholders


The health and safety of both our customers and our staff/subcontractors is our number one priority. With the increasing threat that the Coronavirus pandemic is inflicting on society, we are faced with uncertain times.

We want to reassure you that we’ve adopted additional precautions to protect everyone. All Pact Services Group employees/subcontractors have been formally briefed on all the relevant information and procedures in line with current Government Regulations and advice from the Department of Health.

It’s our duty of care to make sure our employees stay healthy and safe. In order to do what we can to limit exposure and protect against infection Pact Services Group are implementing the below until further notice.

  • All staff are to avoid physical contact with others
  • Anyone displaying symptoms or feeling unwell are to remain at home and seek medical advice. Do not attend work until you have been cleared by your doctor
  • All staff are to practice good hygiene, i.e. regular hand washing and frequent use of sanitiser
  • All staff to maintain a minimum 1.5m of clear space between all workers
  • All staff are to wear face coverings
  • Customers and all members of their household to wear face coverings while our technicians are on-site
  • Any person visiting our Head Office to please wear a face covering and practice good personal hygiene while on the premises


We ask that all builders refrain from double booking trades on the same day that we are attending their site.

All Pact Services Group employees have been advised if there are multiple trades on a work site they are to call our office. We will then contact the supervisor to discuss if the work can continue in a safe environment and according to current Government regulations.


While we acknowledge these measures may cause some inconvenience, given the current environment we are living in, we believe they are necessary as we follow Government advice.

All Pact Services Group staff are expected to apply the above measures immediately and in doing so we will assist in minimising the rate of infection.

For the safety of yourself and others in the workplace and at home, we strongly encourage everyone to follow the World Health Organisation guidelines on infection and control.


Steve Atkinson

Managing Director
Pact Solar

A new approach giving you back control of your energy bills and lets you focus on the important things in life. You! Backed by a 45-year-old family business, you can trust you are getting expert advice & quality install. We are here to maintain and support you through the life of your system

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    Pact Solar

    The new approach that gives you back the control of your energy bills and lets you focus on the important things in life. You! Backed by a 45-year-old second generation family business you can trust you’re getting expert advice & quality products that will be here to maintain and support you through the life of your system. 

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